Be sure to familiarize yourself with the firearm and know how to clear and safe the firearm before operation. Always check to see if there are obstructions in the barrel before firing.

Your firearm has been protected with a CLP, that is designed to protect the rifle for long term storage, it is important to clean your rifle and ensure that it is properly lubricated before operating for the first time.

Prior to firing the rifle for the first time, clean the rifle bore and chamber and refer to barrel break-in procedures.

Excessive and repeated firing will cause premature wear and degradation of the rifle. Do not exceed 10-12 rounds per minute. Beware of a hot barrel or muzzle after shooting rapid fire or extended shooting.

  1. Always keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction

  2. Maintain safety selector on safe position until ready to fire.

  3. Ensure there are no obstructions in barrel or chamber

  4. Load magazine with new, quality ammunition. Ensure caliber matches the

rifle. Place cartridge on top of magazine and depress straight down. There will be a positive click. Do not attempt to slide cartridges in. Load the desired number of cartridges. Do not try to overload the magazine.

  1. Ensure cartridges are seated at the back of the magazines by tappingthe back of the mag.

  2. Insert magazine into rifle. Fully seat magazine by tapping the bottom. Pull down on magazine to ensure magazine is captured by the magazine catch. (A magazine can be inserted with or without the bolt open)

  3. To chamber a round, pull back charging handle completely to the rear and let it go. Do not “ride” the charging handle. Any attempt to help or slow down the loading will result in the rifle jamming.

  4. If the bolt is open, you can pull back on the charging handle torelease the bolt or depress the bolt catch to release the bolt.

  5. To firethe rifle, ensure cheek is firmly on buttstock, and buttstock is firmly on your shoulder, switch safety selector from “SAFE” to “FIRE”.

  6. Squeeze trigger to fire.

    • (OMEN Model only) Ensure fingers/hand is clear of the
      charging handle. Charging handle reciprocates with every
      shot. Injury or rifle malfunction may occur if obstructed.

    • OMEN and XO Models come equipped with 2 stage
      triggers. This means that when squeezing the trigger, the trigger will come to a slight stop, squeezing the trigger beyond this point will release the hammer and fire the rifle. This trigger is designed for safety and accuracy.

  7. Rifle will automatically chamber another round. The bolt will lock back after the last cartridge in the magazine.

  8. To release and remove the magazine, place safety selector on “SAFE”, press the magazine release button.

  9. If your rifle experiences a jamb, place rifle on “SAFE”. Remove magazine. Pull back charging handle and lock back with bolt catch. Clear rifle by removing cartridge. Replace magazine and re-charge rifle.